We all hate spoilers, even J.K. Rowling.

In a new video shared by the production of the new Harry Potter stage play, author J.K. Rowling asks fans who will begin to see the play’s preview performances in June, to stop themselves from sharing spoilers with the rest of the fandom. Rowling is scene entering the rehearsal room of the play in London this past April 18th.

Apart from shots of the cast and crew working on the stage show, we get a peak at a conversation between Joanne and the creative team behind the play.

“One of the things that I have valued most about the Potter fandom is that -as a community- they have really looked after each other. People have each other backs,” the author says in the video. “And is for that reason more than any other, I would like us -if we can- to manage to keep our secrets. This will be such an incredible theatrical experience that I’d love us to be able to surprise people and move people in the natural way that a story should surprise and move people.”

Cursed Child has been officially billed as the eighth Harry Potter story and is a continuation of Harry’s story 19 years after the end of Deathly Hallows (around the same time of the epilogue!).

Behind-the-scenes shots of the rehearsals show us wands, what looks like Hogwarts students with their trunks and Ron and Hermione joining wands in the air! We are very intrigued by everything that we’ve seen about the Cursed Child and can’t wait to see the play in London come July.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child begins previews in London’s Palace Theatre on June 7th. It opens officially on July 30th.

Luckily, for fans who are unable to travel to the UK, The Cursed Child will be published as a script book the day after opening night.

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