Scholastic and Bloomsbury together revealed today the release date, cover illustration and more of the upcoming illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

After the great success of last year’s Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition, we are all eager to get our hands on the second book of the series, and now we have an actual date to count the days down to! The second book illustrated by Jim Kay will be published on October 4, 2016.

Along with the date, the publishers unveiled what will be the cover of the book. It features a familiar scene: Ron, Fred and George arriving to The Burrow after having rescued Harry from the Dursleys, aboard the flying Ford Anglia.

Chamber of Secrets Illustrated

The book will include 115 new color images, an upgrade from Sorcerer’s Stone which featured around 100 drawings; and is to be published in more than 21 languages around the world. According to Amazon the book has 272 pages.

To get us even more excited, a full spread with a Phoenix profile was shared, featuring more details about these creatures (info taken from the Fantastic Beasts book!)

Chamber of Secrets Illustrated - Phoenix

Pre-order Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition now.

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