New details have emerged about the characters of the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as the names of 10 actors that are in the short list for three of the film’s lead roles.

According to reports by TheWrap and Variety’s Justin Kroll, Warner Bros. is currently casting three roles that will lead the film opposite Newt Scamander (who will reportedly be played by Eddie Redmayne.)

The screenplay has been finalized by J.K. Rowling and even though “only a handful of insiders have read the script, a breakdown has been circulating throughout Hollywood’s top talent agencies.”

The three characters listed by the sources are:

1. Tina

Actresses up for the role of Tina in Fantastic Beasts

Kroll described the character of Tina as “grounded,” which is not much of a description but given how little we know about the actual plot of the movie, anything is worth reporting at this moment. Saoirse Ronan, Dakota Fanning, Lili Simmons (HBO’s True Detective) and Alison Sudol (Amazon’s Transparent) are all among the short list of actresses that Warner Bros. are considering for the role, according to the report.

2. Queenie

Actresses up for the role of Queenie in Fantastic Beasts

Queenie is supposed to be Tina’s older sister and a “bombshell.” Among the women in consideration for the role are supermodel Kate Upton, Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice) and Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby).

3. Jacob

Actors up for the role of Jacob in Fantastic Beasts

Finally we have Jacob, who will reportedly be Newt Scamander’s “rival.” The list of actors testing for the role includes Steve Zissis (HBO’s Togetherness), Zack Pearlman and Dan Fogler.

The original report states that even though the process is still very early on, several of the actors mentioned above already have test deals in place and are expected to read for the roles alongside Eddie Redmayne over the next week.

The list of candidates is a nice mix of relatively unknown actors accompanied of course by three big names: Kate Upton, Saoirse Ronan and Dakota Fanning. The mention of Upton is surprising given that her acting credits are scarce, even though she does seem to have been trying to expand her acting career in recent years. Dakota Fanning has only one other franchise under her resumé: she appeared in three out of the five Twilight movies. Saoirse Ronan has stayed clear of film franchises up until know.

The story is set to take place 70 years before the main plot of the Harry Potter series, and it will focus on Newt Scamander, a magizoologist famous in the Wizarding World for having written the textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Said schoolbook, which was penned by Rowling in 2001 and published for charity, served as the inspiration for the new trilogy. However, the movie will be an original story.

We’ll keep a close eye on any developments regarding this project. We expect to hear more details about casting over the next few weeks.

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