Tom Felton’s documentary directorial debut will air this month on the UK’s BBC Three.

Tom Felton Meets The Superfans is a one-off hour long documentary directed and narrated by the actor himself. In it, Felton heads to Tulsa to attend film and TV cult festival Wizard World, as well as the Birmingham Comic Con in England.

“For Tom the convention tour has been part of his life for over a decade,” reads the official synopsis. “Now as an adult and with some distance from the franchise that made him world famous, Tom wants to take a step back and look at the conventions from the side of the super fan – attempting to understand for the first time why these young people become so attached to these fantastical books, movies and TV series and more importantly by spending time with fans and hearing from his celebrity friends and co-stars ask: when does a fan become a fanatic?”

Apart from its interactions with fans, the documentary will show Tom Felton interviewing three people who are very well acquainted with superfans: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and JK Rowling.

BBC Three released today the first preview of the show, which you can watch below. Don’t miss Tom Felton trying to disguise himself as a fan who’s waiting at the stage door of Rupert Grint’s Broadway show It’s Not Only a Play.

Tom Felton Meets The Superfans premieres in the U.K. on March 23 at 9PM. At this moment, there’s no confirmation of a U.S. release for this documentary.

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