A new batch of images from the BBC/HBO Casual Vacancy adaptation has been released.

BBC’s flagship channel BBC One will debut the series in the U.K. in roughly 10 days, which means that the promo train is in full force right now. A trailer was just released last Sunday, and now the British channel has made available a series of new images, plus a full clip from the premiere episode.

The scene below shows the news of Barry Fairbrother’s death quickly spreading across town. The death of Barry means that an empty seat has been left in the Parish Council, which Howard Mollison sees as an opportunity to put his son Miles up for the position. As Howard heads towards his son’s office, Samantha gives her husband a warning.

HBO announced yesterday that the series will air in the U.S. over two nights in April. The Casual Vacancy was jointly produced by BBC and HBO, with J.K. Rowling’s own agent Neil Blair overseeing the project for the Brontë Film and Television production company.

The behind-the-scenes pictures below show cast and crew filming the adaptation on location in England. The town of Painswick was used to represent the skyline of Pagford, which is a fictional town. A new promotional image of Michael Gambon and Julie McKenzie as Howard and Shirler Mollison was also shared by BBC One.

BTS Casual Vacancy - Screen Reels 01

Michael Gambon and Julie McKenzie in The Casual Vacancy - Screen Reels

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