Little, Brown Book Group, the UK publisher of J.K. Rowling’s adult novels, published this week a new edition of the author’s 2012 book The Casual Vacancy, to tie-in with the release of its TV adaptation.

The new paperback cover features stars from the upcoming BBC One mini-series adaptation of the book, including Michael Gambon as Howard Mollison, Keeley Hawes as Samantha Mollison, Brian Vernel as Stuart ‘Fats’ Wall and Abigail Lawrie as Krystal Weedon.

The release marks the first time that a J.K. Rowling book has been published as an special edition to tie-in with its screen version. The author famously rejected any plans to give the Harry Potter books any covers that featured imagery from the Warner Bros. films, so it does really make us wonder what has changed in this case?


The Casual Vacancy was published in September 2014 to mixed reviews but great commercial success. To this day, the novel has sold over 6 million copies in the english language.

The book has been adapted into a three-part miniseries co-produced by BBC and HBO. It’s expected to debut next month in the UK, via BBC One.

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  • Augusto Elles

    That’s not Andrew Price, that’s Fats (aka Stuart Wall) 😉