Producer David Heyman has shared a few more details about the process of working with author J.K. Rowling.

The duo, who worked together during the 12-year span that was spent adapting the Harry Potter books to the screen, is now set to re-team for the upcoming Wizarding World spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Rowling is penning the film’s script, while many other members of the Potter team are coming back, including Heyman, director David Yates, production designer Stuart Craig and screenwriter Steve Kloves.

David Heyman is currently promoting his latest producing effort, Paddington, and in a new interview for Crave Online, he touched on the decision to re-assemble the old team back together.

At some point, the interviewer suggests that -from the outside- it looks like bringing these people is a a way of keeping a through line to try to replicate the original series’ success. Heyman acknowledges this point of view, but he also admits that he simply thinks they’re all great at their work; and this, to him, is enough reason to bring them back.

“[David Yates]’s a great director. He knows the universe very well. He can handle the humor and the drama of the piece, and I think he’ll be great.” Heyman says that even though it could be seemed as very homespun, they are all “quite brave and bold in our approach to what we’re creating.”

The Gravity producer talked a bit about how similar does he expect the collaborative process to be this time around, now that Rowling herself is writing the script. “Just as on Potter films you go to Jo [for] ‘What’s the seventh use of dragon’s blood?’ Or ‘What’s the third?’ or ‘What are the names for this and that? You’ve only got ten, we need a hundred.’ She’d have it. So too on this,” he said.

“Whatever you read is just the beginning of her knowledge of it. She has so much greater knowledge than you could imagine.”

“It’s the early days so I don’t know how that’s going to continue through the process, but her role in this – she’s a producer, but she was on the last Potters – is as a writer, and a creator. She knows that David Yates is going to be directing the film and she’s respectful of that, and supportive of him and myself and the producing team. It’s early though.”

To what extent will she be carrying out producer tasks we don’t know, but we wouldn’t count on her being on-set on a daily basis, or taking decisions about casting, music and cinematography. Rowling was credited as one of the producers on Deathly Hallows, but the gesture always seemed like the team’s way of thanking her for the support she provided through outthe series. Regardess of the credit, her job on the last two films was no different from what she did on the previous ones.

Finally, towards the end of the interview, David took a moment to give Steve Kloves a shout out. Anyone inside the Harry Potter fandom sure knows that, out of the entire creative team behind the films, Kloves is the less appreciated. Some fans down right hate him for some of the adapting decisions he took, so this may be the reason why David Heyman felt like he needed to do some defending.

The producer went on a mini-rant, defending the work Steve did as the sole screenwriter of 7 out of the 8 Harry Potter movies. And we are so glad he did! Because we wholly agree.

“I don’t know if [Steve Kloves] gets nearly enough credit for the job that he did, because it’s Jo Rowling, so it’s almost as though he’s a cipher. But he’s so much more. To capture the spirit, one. Two, make the changes so there’s a cohesion, a cinematic cohesion within a two and a half hour story,” Heyman said.

“When you’re taking material that is so beloved, and that people have issues and agendas about every single piece of it, to actually be as decisive and create something as complete as he did… I mean, he is… We were very lucky.”

This particular writer is quite glad for what Heyman stated. I agree that some of his decisions are questionable, but for the most part he did a great job. He created some beautiful scenes, and even J.K. Rowling admitted at some point that she was jealous she didn’t think first of some of the things he came up with. So, credit where credit is due.

In any case, this proved to be a very interesting interview. We want more of these please.

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