It’s here! The first official look at the adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s book The Casual Vacancy has been released by the BBC.

The book, which was highly promoted as Rowling’s first novel for adults when it was originally published in 2012, is being adapted into a three hour miniseries in a joint production between the UK’s BBC and America’s HBO.

The first look comes on the heels of the BBC’s celebration of 80 years of TV show making. As we previously reported, the network released an interactive trailer featuring Benedict Cumberbatch reading a Shakespeare monologue over images of BBC drama shows. What’s interesting about the video is that every time a show’s title comes on the screen it lets you click on the name to watch an exclusive new trailer or videoclip from said series.

The Casual Vacancy’s preview is a two-minute long clip. Readers of the book will recognise the scene as Barry Fairbrother’s funeral. It’s a very good scene for a first look, considering it reunites almost all of the adult characters, giving us glimpses of Shirley, Samantha and Miles Mollison; the Jawanda parents Parminder and Vikram; Gavin Hughes, Mary Fairbrother and, of course, Howard Mollion as portrayed by Harry Potter alumnus Michael Gambon. Three of the young characters can also be seen as Andrew Price, Krystal Weedon and Robbie Weedon are briefly featured.

To watch the clip play the video below and, on the 1:42 mark, click on the “The Casual Vacancy” title.

A release date for the three-episode miniseries has not yet been set, but we’ll keep you informed as more information emerges.

Have you read the book? What did you think of the clip? We are super excited for this series and can’t wait for the premiere! We loved the book back in 2012 and you can read our review here.

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