The Harry Potter author has taken to Twitter to tease fans about the script of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie, the film that will launch a trilogy based on the adventures of the Hogwarts textbook’s fictional author.

Long time fans of the boy wizard may remember that when Rowling first opened her Twitter account back in 2009 we used to consider ourselves lucky if we got a tweet once every few months including a variation of the now infamous “pen and paper are my priority at the moment” statement. Those days are long gone, and in recent months the British writer has been much more active on Twitter, often interacting with fans and every now and then revealing exciting information.

Well, I think it’s safe to say J.K. Rowling just hit a new high on her social media activity. On Sunday night she wrote to fans explaining the reasons behind her two-week break from the social network. “Very busy at the moment working on a novel, tweaking a screenplay and being involved in @lumos campaigns,” Rowling shared. “Back when I’ve finished something!”

Then came the magical tweet that sparked it all. User @peruseproject tweeted: “Everytime @jk_rowling tweets I stop what ever I’m doing and analyze it for an hour,” which prompted J.K. to reply back “See, now I’m tempted to post a riddle or an anagram. Must resist temptation… must work…”

Then the world waited, and we got our reward on Monday, when the author shared the following anagram for fans to solve:

Millions of guess tweets and a few hints later, the fandom was able to find the solution. Rowling confirmed that the anagram’s solution is the first sentence of the film’s synopsis.

In a later tweet she added that circumstances ensured that Newt remained in New York “for the length of a movie, anyway.”

So this whole episode has taught us a few things:

1) Rowling is nearing completion of the script, which is understandable considering the film’s scheduled to be released only 2 years from now.

2) The majority of the first Fantastic Beasts film will be set in New York. When the original spin-off announcement was made back in 2013, Rowling confirmed that Newt Scamander’s story “began” in New York in the 1920’s, but we weren’t sure for how long he would remain there. Now we now he’ll be there “for the length of a movie.”

4) The now confirmed trilogy of films may take us to different locations on each film, given that she implied the New York setting will only be present in movie 1.

4) Finally, and most importantly, J.K. ROWLING REMAINS FLAWLESS.

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