Pottermore unveiled today new information about the Wizarding World’s favorite jazz singer, Celestina Warbeck.

The character is mentioned in the book as being Molly Weasley’s favorite chanteuse, and now J.K. Rowling has written more information about her for her interactive website Pottemore. Besides from a rather informative biography that includes details about Celestina’s failed actress mother and her tabloid-friendly marriages, the author shares a few personal thoughts on the character.

“Celestina is one of my favourite ‘off-stage’ characters in the whole series,” says Rowling. “She has been part of the Potter world ever since its inception, making an early appearance in the short-lived ‘Daily Prophet’ series I produced for members of the equally short-lived fan club run by my British publisher, Bloomsbury.” She goes on to say that she always imagined Celestina Warbeck to resemble Shirley Bassey in both looks and style, and also reveals where she took the name from.

Fans may know that a show by Celestina Warbeck and the Singing Banshees was one of the new additions to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley. The group (pictured above) can be seen every day at the theme park live singing three original songs, the titles of which were provided by J.K. Rowling and are mentioned in the Harry Potter series of books. Alongside the new information, Pottermore released a studio version of You Stole My Cauldron But You Can’t Have My Heart as heard in the Wizarding World show. You can listen to the song by clicking the image above.

It’s interesting to see such a synergy between different elements of the Potter empire. This is the first time that Universal Orlando Resort has collaborated on anything related to Pottermore, and we would bet our money Rowling wrote the Warbeck biography to provide Universal creatives with something to go off while creating the character for the park.

What do you thing of the new song? Sound off in the comments.

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