The UK publisher of the Harry Potter books has just released the back cover illustrations of the new editions coming to bookshelves this September 1.

Just last week, Bloomsbury finished revealing all seven new covers of the new children editions, illustrated by artist Jonny Duddle. The new versions will be available both as hardbacks and paperbacks, and will include new material by J.K. Rowling, extracted directly from Pottermore. This will be the first time that new information from the website will make it into the print editions.

The images were released by MuggleNet this morning, and they depict the trio, Dobby, the Knight Bus, Snape, Draco and more in a much simpler context than the covers did.

Enjoy the images below and tell us what you think in the comments!

HP1_Back Cover - Screen Reels

HP2_Back Cover - Screen Reels

HP3_Back Cover - Screen Reels

HP4_Back Cover - Screen Reels

HP5_Back Cover - Screen Reels

HP6_Back Cover - Screen Reels

HP7_Back Cover - Screen Reels

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