Well, that’s it. Daniel Radcliffe is officially a Beatle, or something. The Harry Potter star is in Mexico City to promote his upcoming rom-com What If, and while he was scheduled to meet fans at the premiere last night, the excessive amount of fans that showed up to get a glimpse of the star forced the distributor to cancel the red carpet, after a warning issued by the city’s Civil Protection department.

The public event was planned at a mall, and while we don’t know exactly how many people made it there, we do know there were enough fans to make it unsafe for Daniel to make an appearance. “Due to the overwhelming response of the fans, we have decided to follow the Civil Protection department’s recommendation and cancel the red carpet that were to take place this evening,” wrote the film’s distributor Diamond Films in an official press release. “We thank the fans for their enthusiasm. We are very sorry for this decision, but it got out of our hands.”

For weeks before the event, different media outlets had been giving away tickets so that a few lucky winners could see the movie right after the red carpet. Once the crowds had been cleared off and the lucky people with tickets were seated, Daniel decided he still wanted to meet the fans inside the theater. He took the stage and read a message for them in Spanish.

You can find video of the moment below, as well as a transcript of his message.

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for coming to watch ‘What If.’ I had never been in Mexico before, but thank you for welcoming me. This is very exciting.

The movie is funny, intelligent and very romantic, I hope. If you like it, tell your friends. If you don’t, please don’t tell anyone. Thank you very much and enjoy the film!

Can I just say, as a Spanish speaker, how impressed am I by his Spanish skills? Yes, he was reading, but you can tell by the way he was reading that he has studied the language. Plus, he’s gone to tons of premieres in different countries and we’d never seen him done anything like this!

Daniel Radcliffe is scheduled to tape a TV show tomorrow, do some interviews for the Mexican media and meet some fans in an special M&G organized by the distributor.

What If will open in U.S. theaters on August 8.

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